Terms of Service

The Terms of Service also known as "TOS" are subject to change without notification at any time.

Non-Player content (content which is part of the site created by the owner(s) not players) is designed to be suitable for those age 13 and older.

Player Content (content which is created/provided by players, i.e. message board posts, mails, chat etc...) should be suitable for those age 13 and older, players found creating/providing content that does not adhere to these standards will be punished. The game owner(s) cannot be held responsible for any content provided by players this remains the responsibility of the player.

Copyrighted Material
All material provided by the game owner(s) (this does not include Player Content) is the property of the game owner(s) and/or the original creator, if you wish to use any material that is a part of the site please contact the owner(s).

Players may not publish any material that is copyrighted without the express permission of the material's owner. The game owner(s) cannot be held responsible for any copyrighted material published by players, the responsibility remains with the player(s).

Examples of prohibited material/content/activities are, pornographic material, cyber sex, bad-language, warez, racism, organised crime, this list is not definitive and the game owner(s) have the right to determine any material/content/activity not listed here as unsuitable without notifying players what the material is.

Each person may have one account each, multiple accounts also known as multis will be jailed, the oldest account will remain active unless the player chooses to have a younger account, in which case the older account will be jailed.

Players may give their accounts to another person if they wish to do this they must contact the game owner(s) so their details can be updated

Each account may only be accessed by one person unless in sitter mode.

Accounts may not be traded/sold under any circumstances any accounts found to be traded/sold will be jailed.

The game owner(s) retain the right to edit/ban any account with no notice for any reason

Accounts may be placed in "away mode" to prevent deletion if a player will be unable to access their account, this can be done by going to the "my account" section once logged in or by contacting staff. Accounts in "Away Mode" will be kept for one year.

Accounts may be "babysat" by another player using the "sitter mode" found in the "settings" area for a maximum of 30 days, after this they will be placed automatically in away mode, the account owner is held responsible for anything that happens to a baby sat account.
Staff accounts may only be baby sat by equal or higher ranking staff.

Security of accounts are the responsibilty of the account owner, if someone gains access to your account due to an insecure password, sharing your login information etc game owner(s) are not required to undo any changes made to the account or investigate what changes may have happened.

If you have a family member on the same internet connection as you that wishes to play please notify an admin via the in game help ticket system so they don't get accidentally banned for being a multi.

Dragon Fangs
Any Dragon Fangs purchased via Paypal will be applied automatically unless it is by Echeck. If paid by Echeck, packs are applied after the Echeck clears.

Dragon Fangs purchased via other means will be applied as soon as possible after payment is confirmed.
Anyone attempting fraud will be banned and reported to the authorities.
If you are jailed, any upgrades purchased using Dragon Fangs will not be refunded.

All purchases are classified as Non-Refundable.

If any new features/upgrades become available it is up to the game owner(s) to determine if they are retrospective.

Personal Information
Information submitted upon signup/verification (first name, last name, date of birth, etc.) will be taken as accurate, if this changes or you made a mistake please raise a help ticket so it may be corrected. If you wish to view what you submitted please raise a help ticket in the game for admin attention.
Personal information submitted upon signup will only be viewable by admins or game owner(s). This information will not be sold to third parties or used for spam etc, by the game owner(s), the game owner(s) cannot be held responsible if this information is leaked to third parties due to hacking/data loss/staff privilege abuse.

The information we collect is the minimum we require to identify who accounts belong to incase of account information being loss or fraud issues.
Passwords for accounts are encrypted, they are not visible to any staff.
Game Owner(s) have access to all account information including mails and any private material inside the account if you do not wish certain information to be known to game owner(s) then do not publish it to your account. Erasing information from profiles, message boards, mails, etc. does not permanently remove the information and it can still be retrieved if necessary.
Pages in the site are not encrypted and may be intercepted by third parties it is not recommended you provide any personal information except what is required at signup/verification at any time in the site.

Staff are all volunteers chosen by the game owner(s) they do not get paid and can be appointed/removed/have their privileges changed at any time for without notification or reason.
The game owner(s) hold no responsibility over any staff actions.
Staff will endeavour to aid you if you have any questions or concerns, please be polite and clear about your requests and follow staff instructions, it will help us help you.
If you have any problems with game staff please don't hesitate to contact the game owner(s), we take all matters seriously.

Please do not ask to be appointed staff this will only reduce your chances
Staff SHOULD never ask for your password, if they do they should be reported

Hacking/Theft/Cheating Any individual who attempts to reverse engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of the game (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Any attempt to cheat or abuse bugs in the game will be punished.

Players agree that they will not use any scripts or software to interact with this game by any means. Any one found abusing this, will be punished.

After 90 days of inactivity, your account will be deleted unless you are in "away mode" which can be set under "settings" once you log in, or by informing staff.
Accounts in away mode will be deleted after one year.
Verified accounts with "egg days" that are not banned will not automatically be deleted.
Unverified accounts will be deleted after 15 days of inactivity.
Game Owner(s) may delete accounts without notice if they feel it is necessary

Players may not advertise any other site of any kind without the express permission of the game owner(s). Anyone found doing so will be punished.

Loss of information
Game owner(s) are not responsible for any loss of information due to any reason, i.e. hacking/server failure etc.

Players under the age of 18
Players under the age of 18 agree that they have parental/guardian consent to use the site, parents/guardians may request the removal of anyone in their charge by contacting the game owner(s).

Dragon-Hearts and it's Owners will not be held responsible for any indirect or subsequent loss, damage, or profit arising from your use of this web site. This includes, but is not limited to, any implied warranty that the content of this web site. contains is accurate or up-to-date or is suitable for any particular purpose. Any information given or granted by a customer service facility shall be taken at your own risk. All trademarks and trade names are the exclusive property of the respective owners.

The site is aimed at players aged 13 and older thought online content may vary beyond this using the site means you agree you may be exposed to content/material/activities not suitable for those under the age of 18, if you are under the age of 18 by using the site you agree you have parental/guardian consent that you may be exposed to content/material/activities not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Note: As the site is created using British spelling, some words maybe spelt different to what you expect, i.e. centre not center.